All About Greed!!!

All About Greed!!!

Greed describes himself as ‘an eager to please little puppy’

Matt is our ‘new Synner on the block’, and in true Synergy Agency style we had to anoint him with his own deadly sin…..

Welcome ‘Greed’!

Who is greed, and what does he bring to the synner table??

Greed describes himself as ‘an eager to please little puppy’ when it comes to his job! His strengths lie in his vast experience of dealing with people and understanding what creative solutions work for them and their businesses requirements.

Having worked in both agency and client facing fields, he feels he is in the perfect position to listen and understand exactly what is needed from him. Matt says ‘it's my job to interpret what I hear into a successful visual solution’.

So where are Greed’s flaws?

Admitting that he is human, Matt tells us that he has got weaknesses but only owns up to his main weakness, that of his wife! (Aww that’s nice Matt!)

What attracted Greed to Synergy Agency?

Matt states:

 ‘I like what the agency stands for and the people involved in the business seem both nice and focused on delivering good work for their clients’. 

We think we are a good team too! Matt just echoes the ethos of what Synergy Agency stands for, creating and delivering great work!

And the future….

Matt jokes, he thinks he will be in a mental institution (he will have to wait…we need him!!!), but ultimately always being the ‘eager to please little puppy’ making clients happy and for them to go ‘wow!’ According to Matt that ‘wow’ makes it all worthwhile...

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